Jordan Spieth Chugging Beer From British Open Trophy At Concert Is Pure America

David Hookstead | Reporter

Golfer Jordan Spieth had himself a fun Tuesday night as he chugged beer from the British Open trophy at a country concert.

TMZ Sports obtained video of the superstar golfer on stage at a Randy Rogers concert, and he didn’t hold back when it came time to chug some beer.


Everything about that video is awesome. An American golfer chugging beer at a country music concert from a trophy won at a tournament in a foreign country. It’s almost like Spieth was going out of his way to remind the world, especially the British, that America still dominates at absolutely everything.

The British Open? Hardly ever heard of it before our American boys went over there for a casual round of golf and they came back with a trophy that they now use to chug beer.

It sure is cool to be an American. Our athletes our better, our beer is colder, our women are hotter, our music is better and we’re undefeated in world wars. See you next year, Britain. Somehow I don’t think the results will be much different.

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