Auburn’s Quarterback Has An Elite Girlfriend – See The Pictures

David Hookstead | Reporter

The SEC might be faltering as a football conference, but at least Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham’s girlfriend Kennedy Brown is still at an elite level.

Brown has been drawing a bit of attention online lately, which makes sense seeing as how college football is right around the corner.

The SEC used to be the crown jewel of college football, but in recent years the conference has taken a nosedive. The coaching is garbage, the quarterback play is pathetic and at this point the conference is living off of reputation instead of accomplishments.

It might be up to Brown to save this sinking ship, and she looks like the perfect woman for the job.

A post shared by Kennedy Brown (@kennedyfaith15) on

A post shared by Kennedy Brown (@kennedyfaith15) on

A post shared by Kennedy Brown (@kennedyfaith15) on

Maybe Auburn isn’t screwed after all.

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