Is ‘Red Dawn’ The Most Pro-America Movie Ever Made?

David Hookstead | Reporter

I have come to the realization and belief that “Red Dawn” might be the greatest pro-America film ever made.

For those who don’t know, the plot of the 1984 film is basically that a weakened America is invaded by the Soviet Union and Cuba. The story focuses on the small Colorado town of Calumet, and a group of teenagers that led a guerilla-resistance against the communist invaders. Patrick Swayze and pre-HIV Charlie Sheen play the lead role of brothers Jed and Matt who lead the rag-tag group of students in a bloody war.

The opening-scene is one of the most iconic openings to a movie ever made. Soviet paratroopers hit the ground and begin massacring people as Jed grabs his brother and their friends as they make a run for safety in the Rocky Mountains.

Of course, it wouldn’t be America without a bunch of guns. The group stops off at a supply store which is owned by one of the student’s father. They grab weapons, ammunition and of course a football. Who could also ever forget their iconic “Wolverines” chant they loved to do after dispersing a little American freedom from their rifles.

Everything about this movie is pure awesomeness. I remember the exact spot I was when I first saw Red Dawn. I was sitting in a Lake Geneva hotel when I turned on the television to see high school students mowing down Soviet troops. I might only have been six years old, but I was instantly hooked.

I can’t imagine how many young men at some point in their lives dreamed of the day they would look out their windows, see Soviet paratroopers and get to take a free shot at a communists. I myself used to hang targets in the back of my parent’s property as a little kid to smoke with a Ruger 10/22, and I’d be lying if I didn’t occasionally envision a storming Soviet division heading towards my house.

Everything about this film just screams America. It’s got red-blooded patriots, plenty of guns, friends sacrificing for each other, big explosions, and most importantly, it’s a reminder that America will always defeat our enemies, even if it comes at the hands of a group of high schoolers with rifles and shotguns.

The communists in the film decided to take a shot at America, and ultimately found out that every able-bodied American capable of getting their hands on a weapon would fight without hesitation.

I had a professor in college who was from Russia, and was born during the days of the Soviet Union. She once told me the film was essentially banned in the Soviet Union. The only parts of the film shown to young students were the parts of the young American heroes killing the invading forces without hesitation or mercy.

She said the clips were used as propaganda to show Soviet students how violent American men where. In reality, anybody ever shows up in America looking to invade I don’t think anybody is going to need to see a movie to understand what’s going to happen. They’ll witness it firsthand.

America was built on the spirit of fighting. It’s how our country was born, and that’s the spirit encapsulated in “Red Dawn.” Some idiots will argue that the movie is nothing more than a reason for Americans to celebrate killing foreigners. To those losers, all I have to say is that I’m happy you and your kind don’t live within a hundred miles of where I grew up.

The film is certainly a celebration of something, and that is how badass Americans are no matter what the circumstances are. So, if you hate “Red Dawn” there is about a billion percent chance I hate you.

Now, go to your fridge, grab a beer, fire up your “Red Dawn” DVD, and soak up some freedom on this Sunday afternoon.

P.S.: we’re just gonna pretend that remake didn’t happen.

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