NBA Star Proves He Doesn’t Know Anything About Fighting – Fractures Hand

David Hookstead | Contributor

NBA star Danilo Gallinari proved that NBA players don’t know anything about fighting when he fractured his hand throwing a punch over the weekend.

Gallinari hurt his hand when he punched Jito Kok of the Netherlands during an international between the Netherland’s and Gallinari’s home country of Italy.

The Los Angeles Clippers recent additon, who signed for a jaw-dropping $64 million over three years, instantly backed up after his punch connected with Kok’s head.


Nothing is funnier to me than NBA players trying to fight. To Gallinari’s credit he actually threw a punch. Most NBA players do nothing except trash talk and then when it’s time to start fighting they hide behind refs. As the saying goes, “Everybody wants to be a gangster until it’s time to do gangster things.”

Leave the fighting to the real men over in the NHL. Those boys don’t play games and they don’t just throw one punch punch and then run for cover. They drop the gloves and are willing to spill however much blood is necessary to win.

For example, here is Justin Abdelkader of the Detroit Red Wings doing his best to destroy a man’s face.


Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the difference between the NBA and NHL. Gallinari broke his hand after one swing, and Abdelkader looked like a man possessed who wouldn’t stop throwing punches. Leave the violence to the real men.

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