People Continue To Whine And Complain About HBO’s Show ‘Confederate’

David Hookstead | Contributor

People are still pretty upset about HBO’s upcoming show “Confederate,” and they wasted their Sunday night complaining about it.

According to HBO, the show “chronicles the events leading to the Third American Civil War. The series takes place in an alternate timeline, where the southern states have successfully seceded from the Union, giving rise to a nation in which slavery remains legal and has evolved into a modern institution.”

“The story follows a broad swath of characters on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Demilitarized Zone — freedom fighters, slave hunters, politicians, abolitionists, journalists, the executives of a slave-holding conglomerate and the families of people in their thrall.”

Instead of waiting to see what the actual vision or content of the show is, people went on Twitter and with erupted with the hashtag “#NoConfederate” during a new episode of “Game of Thrones.”

Imagine the radical idea of waiting to see something before judging it. How insane is it that these people won’t even wait until a show premieres before doing their best to shred it?

HBO’s crushed it recently with their content. “Westworld,” “Game of Thrones” and “Silicon Valley” are all awesome shows. You know what they all have in common? They’re not real, similar to how the show “Confederate” is not real.

Of course, these protesters could always do the logical thing and just not watch it. If you don’t like something, there are plenty of other channels out there to turn to.

Either way, this show sounds awesome and I can’t wait to watch.

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