Turns Out There Is Somebody Anthony Scaramucci Should Have Feared

David Hookstead | Contributor

It didn’t take long for Washington D.C.’s newest cowboy, Anthony Scaramucci, to lose his job.

Ten days after joining President Trump’s team, Scaramucci was removed from his post as the White House Communications director, and the reason why probably has a lot to do with the new Chief-of-Staff John Kelly.

Last week I wrote a piece about how Scaramucci was setting the tone in the White House after he stared down former Chief-of-Staff Reince Priebus. I was blown away by everything Trump’s newest addition brought to the table. I foolishly suggested Scaramucci was the gunslinger we all needed and that his brash behavior couldn’t be stopped.

Well, turns out I was pretty wrong about that one. Turns out Mooch was no match for the retired four-star Marine General. I mistakenly thought Scaramucci was the Clint Eastwood-like character meant to clean up the streets.

Turns out he had more in common with the drunk who pulled his gun on a retired US Marshal and got sent to the metaphorical promised land.

I’ve been wrong about a lot of things, but suggesting we give Scaramucci “a revolver and lets see how he handles the D.C. rodeo,” is right up there at the top of my greatest miscalculations.

Dude got smoked less than 72 hours after I wrote my piece praising him. It’s pretty embarrassing.

In all situations, it’s smart to find the silver lining, and it looks like there is an obvious one here.

If Kelly was the real reason behind Mooch’s ousting, then I’m all in on this general. There’s no metaphors to be made about the four-star general because he’s an actual trained killer.

The Trump White House continues to be more entertaining than anything on television, and now a retired Marine has the president’s ear at all times. It’s about to get wild.

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