New York Jets Player Makes It Clear He Doesn’t Mind Dying Playing Football

David Hookstead | Reporter

New York Jets defensive back Jamal Adams made it crystal clear he’s okay dying playing football.

Adams was asked about CTE at a forum with fans, and responded with the fact the football field is the, “perfect place to die,” according to The Record reporter Andy Vasquez.

He can’t possibly be serious, right? I mean I understand laying it all out on the field for your team, but I understand more than most the problems with head injuries given the fact I’ve been hospitalized four times for concussions. Head injuries aren’t a joke. Most people wouldn’t take any amount of money if they knew it was tied directly to a high chance of having CTE.

Of course, some people don’t have as many options as others. Some football players have other avenues to make a decent living and save their bodies in the process. Former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett pointed out some players “don’t have a backup plan,” following the shocking retirement of San Francisco 49ers star linebacker Chris Borland, who chose to pursue other opportunities than football.

Adams comments came while sitting directly next to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, which I can’t imagine was a comfortable experience.

Squirm, Goodell. Squirm indeed.

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