The Dangers Of Modern Dating And Being ‘Too Woke’ Are Straight Up Ridiculous

Jena Greene | Reporter

The Washington Post published an article today titled “Is my Date really ‘Woke,’ or is his Progressive Attitude just for Show?” Hard hitting stuff.

Never mind the daily escalation of North Korea’s military, Russia’s tantrum over U.S. sanctions, and the Dow flirting with 22,000. Washington Post contributor Alexa Peters woke up today worried that her date might not be as liberal as she is.

She recalls a recent incident at a house party she attended. A woman was hanging out in the doorway that led to the living room. Trying to get by, a male partygoer grazed her as he moved past. Chaos ensued.

The woman called to him over the rasping guitar amp. “Hey, can you not touch women when you walk by, please?” she said. The man looked back, aghast. “I just wanted to get by,” he responded.

“That isn’t the point,” her friend said.

The tension mounted. The woman he touched told him he was being inappropriate, and another guy in the hallway said: “Look dude, you did a bad thing, just admit it.” I was compelled to join in. “You need to stop and listen to why they’re upset,” I said.

It was too late. He sputtered defenses. Red-faced and exasperated, he went to find his coat.

As a 23 year old female, I can attest to that fact that scenes like this are all too common nowadays. Casual social gatherings with friends have turned into hearings where all male partygoers must prove their harmlessness before even entering. I’ve seen a guy have his own apartment party ended by angry girls because he voiced support for Trump.

It’s as though every guy should be told a 2017 version of his Miranda Rights before entering a bar. Anything he says or does can and will be used against him before a jury of nasty women.

But lower-back touches and “wokeness,” whether or not it’s faked, are not the issue. We’ve gotten to a point of calling men out for being men. If he holds the door for you or offers you his jacket on a chilly date night, he’s a bigot. If he even dares to take the liberty of touching your thigh during a close conversation at the bar without asking, he’s a predator.

Call me crazy but I don’t want to live in a world where men have to ask permission to express romantic interest and hasten to close doors in our faces for fear of being lectured.

Calling men out for being men – the gender that is programmed for certain biological necessities (e.g. fighting and protection, hunting, heavy lifting), is a dangerous game to play. If women start bullying their partners and sons into submission, we’ll soon have a much bigger problem on our hands.

My generation has been lulled into thinking that masculinity is no longer necessary. Our  aggressive, hyper-masculine wars are fought in distant lands. Many women are mothers who also work full-time jobs. And these are good things. But feminine advancement and masculinity are not mutually exclusive.

If women bully their partners and sons into submission, if we insist on no-touch policies and girls-only marches, I hope we as women are also prepared to channel that aggression on the front lines in the event of an attack with men cowering behind us for fear of demonstrating their “toxic masculinity.”

For crying out loud. Let these poor guys buy you a drink. Save the lecture on Feminine Mystique for the second date.

Jena Greene



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