Bikini-Clad Anastasia Ashley Is A Great Way To Start Your Wednesday

David Hookstead | Reporter

It’s Hump Day, and we’re all looking for a way to get through the middle of the week.

Luckily, here at The Smoke Room, we’ve got you covered because Anastasia Ashley is at the beach and bikini-clad.

The American-born superstar surfer posted a bikini-clad photo of herself at the beach early Wednesday morning, and it’s just what everybody needs to start of the day. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Sexiest Photos Of Anastasia Ashley On The Internet)

Are we all sleeping on Anastasia Ashley’s social media game? Monday night she dropped a video of crushing waves to Lana Del Rey, and then comes in Wednesday morning with this jaw-dropping shot. I’m beginning to wonder if she is orchestrating an Instagram coup, and it might be to late to stop.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all in, but how has this gone so unnoticed? Either way, it’s a reason to celebrate.

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