Donald Trump On Why He Plays So Much Golf In Just Seven Words

Ford Springer | Reporter

Donald Trump often criticized Barack Obama for his frequent golf outings, but has made a habit of fitting a round into his own schedule every now and then since becoming president.

It only took Trump seven words to explain his change of tune when it comes to presidents playing golf on the job–and apparently you have to live in the White House in order to understand.

“That White House is a real dump,” Trump reportedly told a group of members at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, explaining his frequent golf outings.

(Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Trump’s explanation comes from a profile of the president by Golf magazine that was published Tuesday and will also appear in the August 7 edition of Sports Illustrated. In it, they note that a White House spokesperson denied Trump made such comments about the residency, but there’s plenty of other interesting stories about the president making it a worthwhile read.

The Sports Illustrated profile gives a glimpse into what it’s like to play golf with the president through the experiences of those who have already done so, including pro golfers Ernie Els and Phil Mickelson among many others.

REUTERS/David Moir/File Photo

Although some might criticize Trump for spending too much time on the course, there is one thing his critics can not argue against, according to SI: “He clearly loves the game, and even at 71 is easily the best golfer who has ever lived in the White House.”

Ford Springer



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