Kate Upton Dancing In A Tiny Bikini Is The Best Video On The Internet Today

David Hookstead | Reporter

Kate Upton danced in a tiny bikini and was lucky she avoided a massive wardrobe malfunction.

Sports Illustrated released a video of the superstar model Wednesday, and it’s probably a safe bet her fans enjoyed the video, “Kate Upton’s Best Behind The Scenes Dances: Getting Down & Dirty.”

SI captioned the video, “Kate Upton breaks out her best dance moves behind the scenes, so we’re showing off her best down and dirty moments.”

How she avoided a complete disaster should honestly be considered a miracle because this video is insane.


Upton might be on the backend of her career, but as long as these videos exist there’s probably a good chance she’ll continue to be a major fixture of the entertainment world. Naturally, her Instagram account also probably isn’t headed anywhere in the near future.

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