Sports Illustrated Thinks This ‘Model’ Looks Like Marilyn Monroe – Does She?

David Hookstead | Contributor

Sports Illustrated recently made a bold proclamation when they claimed “model” Sarina Nowak resembled legendary entertainer Marilyn Monroe.

“Spend some time today with Marilyn Monroe look-alike @sarina_nowak! #SISwimSearch,” SI captioned the video of Nowak.


Monroe was well before my time, and I’ve never fully understood all the hype that surrounds her. I also can’t get a solid grip on whether or not Nowak shares a similar appearance with her, other than they both have blonde hair.

A post shared by SARINA NOWAK (@sarina_nowak) on

A post shared by SARINA NOWAK (@sarina_nowak) on

A post shared by SARINA NOWAK (@sarina_nowak) on

A post shared by SARINA NOWAK (@sarina_nowak) on

I bounced some of these photos over to our resident office female, who at least bought into the idea the two share a similar shape and size. However, a quick Google search of Monroe and a comparison has me hesitate to think these two are awfully similar.

Plenty of women always feel the need to throw out the Monroe comparisons. Perhaps we should pump the brakes and use them a bit more selectively. Maybe I also have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

Does she look like Monroe? I’ll let the audience decide.

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