Halle Berry Puts The Female Bond Nonsense To Bed

Ford Springer | Contributor

While Hollywood is begging for a James Bond movie to feature a female Bond somewhere down the line, former Bond girl Halle Berry is here to tell you that should never happen.

“I want [women] to be tough but I don’t know if Bond should be a woman,” Berry told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview. “I mean, that series is steeped in history, you know Ian Fleming’s stories. I don’t think you can change Bond to a woman.”

(Photo credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

Berry played the role of James Bond’s love interest, Jinx Johnson, in “Die Another Day” in 2002 when Pierce Brosnan was the leading man. And although the Academy Award-winning actress doesn’t think Bond should ever be a woman, she would be perfectly fine with creating a new character along the same story line.

“We can create a new Bond character that’s a woman, and give her a new name, based on that theory, but I don’t know if Bond should be a woman,” she said.

Take it from one of the most famous Bond girl’s in the history of the franchise–let’s put this female Bond nonsense to bed.

Ford Springer



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