I’m So Desperate For College Football, That I’ve Sunk To Watching Iowa Hype Videos

David Hookstead | Contributor

We’re 23 days away from college football, and I’m so desperate to see some action on the field I’ve sunk to watching Iowa Hawkeyes hype videos.

The Big Ten has become the greatest college football conference in America, and as a proud graduate of Wisconsin, I’ve sworn to hate every single other school that falls under the B1G banner.

Unfortunately — like a drug addict — I was in need of a quick football fix this morning.

That led be down a dark hole to a Hawkeyes hype video, that if I’m being honest, is pretty cool.


Football season seems so close, and yet at the same, 23 days feels like an absolute eternity. Every minute on the clock feels like a lifetime. There are only a handful of Saturdays left without football, and then we’ll all be able to sit back with our burgers and beers as we soak up God’s gift to America.

I never thought I’d sink so low as to watch the hype video of an inferior rival school. I thought I was better than this, but as they say in Friday Night Lights, “We are all vulnerable, and we will all, at some point in our lives fall. We will all fall.”

Dear Lord help me if I find myself watching a Michigan or Ohio State video tomorrow in an attempt to stave off the itch of college football. Stay strong. We’re all in this national nightmare together.

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