The Patriots Go Ahead And Punch Their Ticket To The AFC Championship

Ford Springer | Contributor

The New England Patriots are already planning on having another successful season, and it hasn’t even started yet.

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Season ticket holders will probably find their ticket packages coming in the mail any day now and it looks like they’ll be getting at least one more ticket than usual, according to Barstool Sports.

The reigning Super Bowl champion team decided to go ahead and send their season ticket holders tickets all the way up to the AFC Championship game at Gillette Stadium, because why the hell not?

With Tom Brady as quarterback and Bill Belichick coaching, it’s just about a surefire bet that the Patriots will make it to the play-in game for the Super Bowl.

In the 15 seasons Brady has been the starting quarterback the Patriots have advanced to the AFC Championship 11 times and are currently on a record six-year streak of doing so.

So, Patriots fans shouldn’t be surprised to get those tickets ahead of time. If the Super Bowl wasn’t played at a neutral site, they probably would have sent those tickets along as well.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Earlier this week Patriots owner Robert Kraft revealed that they had a “high-class” problem at Gillette Stadium because they had no room to hang their fifth Super Bowl banner, CBS Sports reports. But rest assured Pats fans, Kraft has solved the problem and chances are he likely made some room for more.

Ford Springer



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