Charles Oakley Accepts 1-Year Ban From Madison Square Garden

Ford Springer | Reporter

New York Knicks legend Charles Oakley has agreed to a plea deal that includes a one-year ban from Madison Square Garden about six months after he was arrested and escorted out of the arena.

(Photo credit: Reuters News)

(Photo credit: Reuters News)

The beloved Knick was attending a game on February 8 in the famed arena and was arrested after getting physical with several Madison Square Garden security guards. Oakley was charged with two misdemeanors of assault, two misdemeanors of harassment and one misdemeanor of trespassing.

Later that month, Oakley rejected a deal to have his charges dropped and instead chose to go to trial. Now Oakley has decided that it would be a waste of time to continue the trial and has accepted a one-year ban to have the charges dropped, Deadspin reports.

“Why keep wasting time?” he said in Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday. “Let’s try to keep the streets better for kids instead of going to court.”

(Photo credit: Reuters News)

(Photo credit: Reuters News)

If Oakley manages to stay out of trouble during the length of his ban, his charges will be dropped and the ban will be lifted.

Ford Springer



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