It’s National Underwear Day. You Know What That Means. [SLIDESHOW]

Ford Springer | Reporter

In 2017, there’s a day to celebrate everything, but if there’s one day I can most certainly get behind it’s National Underwear Day. (VIDEO: Watch The Victoria’s Secret Angels Music Video For The Weeknd’s ‘I Feel It Coming’)

Everyone wears it most every day, but it’s only right to celebrate this holiday with the women who wear it best — the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the world who wears lingerie with better than these 14 gorgeous girls, but if by some chance you can you better hold on tight. (VIDEO: Justin Bieber’s New Music Video Is Loaded With Victoria’s Secret Models)

Us normal people only get to celebrate National Underwear Day once a year, but these Victoria’s Secret models celebrate it every single day. Even weekends.

It’s only right that we recognize these beautiful women for their year-long dedication to their craft with a sampling of some of their finest work.


Ford Springer



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