Jay Cutler Coming Out Of Retirement Is Exactly What The NFL Needs

David Hookstead | Reporter

Jay Cutler joined the Miami Dolphins over the weekend, and that’s great news for NFL fans everywhere.

The Dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down recently with a bad knee injury, and it didn’t take long before the infamous NFL bad boy’s name was floated as a possible replacement.

Well, ladies and gentleman, I’ve got great news. Jay Cutler is ten million dollars richer, back in the NFL, and ready to be a complete disaster once again.

Any NFL fan who acts like this isn’t awesome is lying to themselves. Cutler’s time with the Chicago Bears was a personal NFL highpoint of mine over the past few seasons. The guy couldn’t have cared less about anything. His demeanor on the sidelines was hysterical. He was everybody’s unemployed drunk uncle who believed the world had screwed him over.

That’s not the type of attitude I want leading my team, but it’s certainly the type of attitude I’ll watch spiraling downward, season after season.

The fact he’s also married to Kristin Cavallari doesn’t hurt the fact that he’s a cult hero among football fans. She seems like she’ll fit in just fine with the Miami beach crowd.

Godspeed, Cutler. This imminent disaster can’t get underway fast enough.

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