Lindsey Vonn Looks Ready To Eviscerate The Competition

David Hookstead | Reporter

Lindsey Vonn made it clear during a recent training run that she’s not playing games when it comes to the upcoming winter Olympics.

The American skiing legend posted a video of herself on the slopes, as she sped down crushing the sticks along the way.

I’d be very cautious if I was Vonn’s upcoming opponent after viewing this training video.

Some people might think Vonn lost her edge after ┬áretaining a few injuries and spending a lot of time in public circles of the Hollywood elite. However, you’d have to be an idiot to truly believe she won’t be ready to obliterate the slopes come the 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea.

Doubt Vonn at your own peril. She clearly hasn’t lost a step, and is still primed to rip it up in less than a year. I can’t wait for the American medal count to skyrocket, and for Vonn to remind the world Americans don’t play second fiddle to anybody.

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