Emily Ratajkowski Just Cropped Her Boyfriend Right Out Of This Photo

Ford Springer | Reporter

Dating Emily Ratajkowski would be a dream come true for most guys, but getting cropped out of her Instagram photo would instantly remind you what your dealing with.

The world-famous supermodel is rarely seen with her boyfriend Jeff Magid, but photographers caught the two walking together ahead of the model’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday afternoon.

The beautiful brunette shared one of the paparazzi photos to her Instagram account later that day and cropped most of Magid’s head right out of the shot.

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“They see me rollin'” Ratjkowski captioned the post.

In Ratajkowski’s defense,┬áher fans obviously don’t follow her to see pictures of her boyfriend and he’s got to know that, but this is still a cold-hearted move on her part.

The model and actress rarely makes any public appearances with the music producer who she’s been dating since 2014, according to The Daily Mail. But what does she do as soon as the couple is captured casually walking down the street? She crops him straight out of the photo and posts it on Instagram for everyone to see.

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Don’t feel too bad for the guy–he’s dating one of the most famous supermodels in the world, after all. He also presumably takes most of the scandalous photos that she so frequently shares, which looks like a pretty good gig from where I’m sitting.

This happens to boyfriends all the time, but when it’s this public, you just can’t help but cringe.

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