Kidnapping Models Is A Legitimate Reason To Start A War

David Hookstead | Reporter

British model Chloe Ayling was recently kidnapped and nearly thrust into an international sex slavery ring, and this is a more than an ample excuse to start a war.

Ayling was abducted during a trip to Italy by a group referred to as the Black Death and was going to be sold into sex slavery before she was ultimately released, according to the BBC.

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She was held captive for six days before she was released to the British consulate in Milan, Italy. The BBC reports investigations are being currently being carried out in Italy, Poland and the UK, and one person has been taken into custody.

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I’m a rational person, but once you start abducting models, it should be off to the races when it comes to war. I want this person they have in custody tortured until he gives up the names and location of every single person who was involved with this plot.

Find their locations — and any parties that might have assisted them — then blast them into oblivion.

I understand the world is a crazy place. Sometimes we have to turn a blind eye to things in order to advance our own national goals, but at some point you have draw a line in the sand.

You start abducting models, and I want war. I want scorched Earth. I want the message sent to everybody on this planet that once you start laying a hand on our models you have signed your own death warrant. Trump should be on the phone later this afternoon to offer his complete support in any military operation that is carried out as retaliation for this evil act.

I’m not going to go all the way and say we should start nuking the responsible parties, but I’m also not going to say that we absolutely shouldn’t do it.

Congratulations bad guys. You finally have united the world against a common enemy.

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As my coworker said, “Let’s kill those assholes.”

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