Scottie Pippen’s Wife Is Back To Her Old Tricks On Instagram

David Hookstead | Reporter

Scottie Pippen’s estranged wife Larsa is back to posting revealing photos on Instagram.

Would being the mother of multiple and children and going through a very public divorce stop most women from posting skin photos on social media? Probably, but those women are most likely not entrapped in the Kardashian circle, which thrives on attention.

It actually looked like Larsa had chilled out for a little bit, and realized that a mother shouldn’t be doing those things. Lately, however, she’s been jumping back on her old game.

She hit her millions of fans with a white bikini photo Tuesday morning, and it’s pretty par for the course from Larsa.

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Just classy stuff from Larsa. A shining example for mothers all over the world. I’m sure her kids have no problem explaining the following pictures at school.

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As all of my readers know, nobody on this planet supports the rights of women more than I do, but I also support mothers setting good examples. Not sure I can get behind Larsa’s actions anymore.

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