You Should Be Embarrassed If You Don’t Know How To Use A Gun

David Hookstead | Reporter

There is an epidemic sweeping across America, and it must be ended immediately.

There are full-grown adults in this country who are willingly choosing to remain ignorant on firearms. They think it makes them some enlightened hipster, when in reality, makes them a neutered loser who should hop on the first boat out of the great country.

Now, I’m not saying if you don’t know how use a gun you’re a loser. That’s not my argument at all. I understand some people didn’t have access to firearms when they were being raised, or maybe they currently live in a situation that doesn’t allow them to easily learn how use a firearm. This isn’t they’re fault. It’s important to make the distinction here. Simply never having used a gun doesn’t make you a loser. What makes you a loser is going out of your way to remain ignorant on something when presented with the opportunity to learn more. This is the dangerous trend consuming America, especially American men.

I remember the first gun I ever fired like it was yesterday. It was an old 16-gauge single barrel shotgun, and it left a bruise on my shoulder for days. When I was a young boy, I got a Ruger 10/22, and the rabbits and squirrels on my parent’s property have lived in fear ever since. I was lethal at 100 yards with that weapon before I ever even learned about the Second Amendment in school, and yes, where I went to school, kids were still taught the importance of the Bill of Rights.

For most people and myself, firearms represent a necessary tool. I have a license to carry a handgun for protection, I have shotguns and rifles for hunting, and I have a variety of different weapons that can be used to defend an estate or other property. Unlike those neutered dudes running around sipping on their caffeine-free soy lattes, I am actually capable of killing my own food if necessary, or a terrorist if he makes the poor mistake of finding out of people from rural Wisconsin can shoot straight.

What happened to the mentality myself and millions of other Americans were raised with? Why have we taken a generation of young men and taught them that if you use a gun you represent toxic masculinity, instead of how to defend themselves? We’re told that the only people who carry guns these days must have small penises, and aren’t confident in their manhood. To quote President Trump, “I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee you.”

I suppose if somebody ever breaks into the house of one of these social justice warrior fairies, they could just remind them that they only drink conflict-free coffee, have a wide variety of skinny jeans, and have a deep understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement. I’m sure that’ll do more to fend off a violent attacker than a shotgun slug to the chest.

If you can explain to me how there are more than two genders, but you’re not capable of loading an AR-15, there’s a billion percent chance I think you’re a waste of space. People shouldn’t take pride in being uneducated idiots and willingly ignorant of firearms use. It doesn’t make you “woke” or “hip.”

It makes you a dumbass.

People like me and those who I grew up with are becoming a minority in this country, and that should terrify people. We’re in deep trouble if we have more people in this country that have the Starbucks’ menu memorized than know how to competently operate a firearm. You can keep your crappy coffee and I’ll keep my Beretta.

Put down your communist propaganda textbook, find somebody who can teach you to use a firearm, and educate yourself. The wussification of our society is a sick disease, and I’m done tolerating it. It’s time to do a quick gut-check and make sure we still have our balls before it’s too late.

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David Hookstead



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