EXCLUSIVE: Watch The Smoke Room’s Interview With Model McKenzie O’Connell

David Hookstead | Contributor

Model and golf sensation McKenzie O’Connell joined The Smoke Room to discuss a variety of topics in a great interview.

O’Connell has one of the greatest Instagram accounts in the game, and if you’re reading this article, you almost certainly are already familiar with it.

She had plenty of thoughts about the LPGA’s new dress code, her favorite golf course, if people are every creepy with her on social media and if guys are intimidated by her.

You certainly don’t want to miss this awesome interview.


It was great to have her join us, and there aren’t too many people that are that blunt about the realities of being a star on social media.

If you’re a fool, and haven’t already checked out her Instagram, here are some of her greatest pictures and videos.

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