20 Risqué Kylie Jenner Instagram Photos [SLIDESHOW]

Alissa Stechschulte | Intern

The young Kylie Jenner turns 20 years old today.

She maintains 96.2 million followers on Instagram, way more than her model sister Kendall (82.4 million) and both her half-sisters Kourtney and Khloé, who have 58.3 million and 68.5 million followers respectively. She is clearly one of the more popular Kardashian sisters on the social media site, being one of the top 10 most followed people.

In addition to her social media fame, Kylie Jenner was named one of ‘The Most Influential Teens’ by Time magazine in 2014. In 2015, she launched her own cosmetic line called Kylie Cosmetics.

More recently, she was featured on Forbes Celebrity 100 List, making her the youngest person to ever be mentioned on it.

Although Kylie is the baby of the family, she never stays out of the spot light. She’s beautiful, and as much as many of us don’t want to hear it, a successful entrepreneur.

Most importantly, we can all gawk at her — how do you say — risqué public photos. Take a look for yourself.


Alissa Stechschulte



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