Having Sex In The State Fair Stands Isn’t A Great Look For Wisconsin

David Hookstead | Reporter

A married couple was recently arrested at the Wisconsin State Fair for having sexual relations in the stands.

Desiree Anderson and Robert Beasley were taken into custody after their explicit sexual acts were caught on video and spread across the internet, reports to Fox News. Beasley was enjoying the attention so much he even waved to the camera at one point.

Local news Fox 6 was told by one fair-goer, “We’re here for a horse show or a dog show — not to make babies.”


As a Wisconsin-native, I have to admit this is not the best look for my state.

The Badger state is all about cold beer, cheese, brats, the Packers (who I hate), the Badgers (who I would die for), venison, guns, the outdoors, freezing cold winters, mild summers, babes in bikinis, babes in hunting gear, babes in winter gear and just generally being better at everything and everybody we ever come into contact with.

It’s almost like God specifically decided Wisconsin would serve as the shining example of what everybody in America should strive to be.

What we’re not about is having sex in the stands of the state fair. That’s not even white trash, that’s just straight up pathetic human trash. How low do you have to sink before you’re whipping off your clothes to engage in sexual activity in one of the most public settings in the entire state? The only more public place might be a Packers or Badgers game.

These people don’t represent myself or my kind. Being a Wisconsin man is about raging Friday night and cracking cold ones before the game Saturday without missing a beat or slowing down. We’re not about this trash. These people should have the book thrown at them. They’re lucky I’m not the judge because anybody who disgraces my state, to quote Donald Trump, “Will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” People that sink to this level disgust me. They should be done away with immediately.

As for everybody else in Wisconsin, keep up the great work. Winning at everything isn’t easy, but somebody has to do it.

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