I Might Have Found The Dumbest Alleged Criminal In History

David Hookstead | Contributor

More details are coming out about the kidnapping of British model Chloe Ayling, and they paint the alleged mastermind in a horrible light.

According to The Daily Mail, Ayling claims she promised she’d have sex with the suspect Lukasz Herba if he would release her.

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“In effect I was leading him to believe that we would have become more intimate friends when this kidnapping was over,” Ayling told the authorities. She eventually made her way to freedom, and Herba was taken into custody.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Herba might be the dumbest criminal to ever live. How dumb to you have to be to believe a woman you have kidnapped will have sex with you after you release her? She’s only doing two things after you release her, and having sex with you isn’t in the top billion.

She’s either going straight to the authorities and having the criminals thrown in jail, or she’s returning with a gun and raining down hell on her captors.

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I’m not sure we’re going to top this kidnapping story any time soon. This is internet gold.

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