John Daly Is Now Singing About His Golf Game Sucking

David Hookstead | Reporter

Infamous golf legend John Daly recently belted out his own version of the hit song “Knocking On Heaven’s Door.”

Golfer Chelsea Lynn Pezzola posted a video on Instagram Thursday morning of Daly rocking out with the microphone as he changed a few words in the incredibly popular song.

“{SOUND ON} John Daly’s “Golfer” rendition of Knockin’ on Heavens Door #Legend @pga_johndaly @dariusrucker @gunsnroses #Golf #PGAChampionship #JohnDaly #QuailHollow @golfchannel @golfdigest @foreplaypod @barstoolsports @golf_gods @pgachampionship @espn @golf_com @golfballed @golf_starz @golfdigestme @bleacherreport @sportsillustrated @sportscenter @gunsnroses,” Pezzola captioned the hilarious video.


At least Daly is capable of laughing at himself, and keeping things light. Nobody has a more entertaining story than him. His rise, downfall and comeback have made him a folk hero. Not sure this song will make any hit charts anytime soon, but at least it’s entertaining.

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