NFL Broadcaster Tries To Say ‘Bulging Disk,’ But It Comes Out All Wrong [VIDEO]

Ford Springer | Reporter

I’m not really sure what a bulging disk is or how painful it might be, but anytime a broadcaster tries to say it on live television it almost always comes out the same way.

Jane Slater, of the NFL Network, was talking about Dallas Cowboy’s offensive tackle Tyron Smith and his history of physical injuries when she slipped up talking about his most recent health concern.

“If you’ll remember, last year he was dealing with a bulging dick . . . disc issue, rather in his lower back,” she said on live television Wednesday afternoon.

It seems like Slater was able to laugh it off though. After the clip started swirling around Twitter, the sportscaster tweeted about the moment herself.

“Live tv is the greatest. You know what I meant.”

Way to take it in stride, Jane.

Thanks for giving those watching at home a little laugh because this pre-season nonsense is already getting old.

Ford Springer



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