Tyra Banks Has Got Talent [SLIDESHOW]

AnnMarie Hilton | Intern

Over the years, “America’s Got Talent” has had four different hosts. The current and only female host of the show is Tyra Banks.

Banks has been well-loved on the show since joining in March. Even Simon Cowell, who often displays a rigid exterior, is a fan of Banks.

Cowell recently recounted how she landed the position as host in an interview with ET.

“She turns out, ripped jeans, not really any makeup, sat down and within five minutes, we literally all said, ‘We would love you to join the show.'”

Banks spends her time on “America’s Got Talent” talking with the contestants preparing to display their skills on a national stage. This is a great position for her because long before her career on the show, Banks put herself and her image on display for the public eye.

The style Cowell describes does not reflect the assumption that models are fully done up at every moment, but Banks is bold and courageous with her natural beauty. Her Instagram biography even reads, “We are all models on Instagram.”

Here is a series of photos showing Banks unabashedly owning her beauty with a variety of hairstyles over the past decade.


AnnMarie Hilton



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