I’m Embarrassed I’d Never Heard Of Elizabeth Olsen

David Hookstead | Reporter

Elizabeth Olsen might be the next big superstar in Hollywood, and prior to Sunday, I didn’t even know she existed.

I pride myself on always being ahead of the curve when it comes to culture, movies, hot women, sports and how great America is. I refuse to allow people to be better at my own game. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I watched “Wind River,” and had no idea who the lead actress Elizabeth Olsen was.

Turns out she’s the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She’s also primed for superstardom, and I’m rarely wrong about these things. I was wrong about Darko Milicic’s basketball ability, but I don’t think I’m wrong here.

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“Wind River” isn’t the only movie Olsen has been in. She’s also had roles in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and “Captain America: Civil War.”

It took all of five minutes of her being on screen in “Wind River” to recognize this woman is for real. I can’t remember the last time somebody was that impressive on screen.

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I’m like a quarterback scout. There should never be a quarterback that I’m unaware of, or a quarterback that I at least haven’t seen some tape on. What has happened here with Olsen is the equivalent of a scout who decided to pass on Aaron Rodgers because they never watched the tape. It’s never acceptable and there is never an excuse.

The only silver lining here is the fact it appears Olsen still hasn’t hit superstar status. It means that I’m not too far behind the curve.

Well, go ahead and mark this day down because I’m telling you right now she’s is going to be a mega-star.

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