Take A Moment To Watch Colin Cowherd Shred SEC Football

David Hookstead | Reporter

There are few things I enjoy more in this world more than watching Colin Cowherd trashing SEC, and he had a great rant Monday afternoon.

“You are the worst coached major conference. You have ten coordinators masquerading as head coaches,” Cowherd preached to the audience of his FS1 show “The Herd.”

He also added, “Now SEC teams are underdogs in a lot of these out of conference games…The run is over for now.”


I’ve been the leading voice against the myth of the SEC’s domination for a couple of years now. Sure, the SEC was once upon a time the greatest conference on the planet, but times have changed. The SEC is essentially just Alabama and then a bunch of teams living off of their history instead of recent accomplishments.

If you combined the Big Ten and the SEC today, the only team that would be in the top five from the SEC would be Alabama. Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Wisconsin would run all over the field against every single SEC team right now, except for Alabama.

To Cowherd’s credit, he has been on the truth train about the SEC for a little bit now. A lot quicker than most people. It’s funny watching all the other pundits frantically race to regurgitate my talking points from two years ago. Welcome to the show.

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