Turns Out Paige Spiranac Is A Nerd – Welcome To The Team

David Hookstead | Contributor

Paige Spiranac recently made it known she’s down with the nerds.

She recently posted a photo of herself outside of a comic book store smiling ear to ear while standing in front of a superhero display.

One glance at the photo, and there’s no doubt that Spiranac is down with the cause.

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As most of you will remember, I wrote a rabid defense of nerds a few days ago. I pointed out that nerds are much more likely to be successful in life. They just operate on a different landscape from most people, and despite the stereotypes from movies, they are the people running the businesses.

It was FS1’s Kristine Leahy to first join the movement, and now it looks like Spiranac is on board.

Does it ever get exhausting writing stuff and then hours later having smoke shows like Spiranac publicly join the nerd movement? No it doesn’t. I’m glad I can be carrying the torch and leading the nerd army. Now I just need a couple dragons and Emilia Clarke on the team, and we’d be pretty unstoppable.

Team nerds officially has Leahy and Spiranac on the roster. We could certainly be doing worse.

Vacation life is not bad. #montecarlobeach

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