Tweet About Sexism In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Goes Viral – Because Of Course It Did

David Hookstead | Reporter

A tweet regarding the apparent sexism in “Game of Thrones” went viral Sunday night.

The fifth episode of the seventh season was another great episode, but of course, somebody had to find a problem.

CNN Money video producer Abigail Brooks tweeted, “Sam interrupting Gilly as she makes THE MOST IMPORTANT REVEAL in #GameOfThrones is every woman’s experience in every meeting ever.”

The scene Brooks is referring to likely has to do with who the parents of Jon Snow are, but it’s unclear at this time for the viewers if that is for sure the case. It’s worth noting, Gilly was mostly rambling about absolutely nothing important before she got lucky, and stumbled upon this massive piece of information. So, it’s hard to blame Sam for not wanting to listen to her nonstop rambling about how many windows are in the building, or how often certain people relieved themselves.

I’m really getting sick and tired of these hot takes about “Game of Thrones” and everything people think is wrong about the series. The show is sexist? I don’t think so.

Two of the most powerful characters – Daenerys and Cersei – are women who both slaughter their enemies without a second thought. Has Brooks not watched the past seven seasons, did she miss the part about Daenerys dragon wiping out an army or does she just not care about consistency?

“Game of Thrones” arguably has the most powerful female characters in all of television right now. Perhaps people should spend a little less time critiquing the show with allegations of sexism, and a little more time enjoying the chaos.

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