Jim Harbaugh Hammers The Recent Violence In America

David Hookstead | Contributor

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh came out strong against the recent violence across America.

Three people died Saturday in Charlottesville, Va. during a riot between Antifa, Black Lives Matter and white nationalists. Violence has also recently broken out in Durham and Portland. Harbaugh is clearly not pleased at all.

“Anyone who demonstrates through violence, terror or intimidation are embarrassments to our country & are truly disrespectful to our flag,” the former San Francisco 49ers coach tweeted late Monday night.

I’ve never been a huge fan of celebrities weighing in on social issues. Most of the time they come across as people who think they’re experts on a situation simply because they’re famous. It’s not authentic at all.

However, if Harbaugh is anything, he’s as authentic as they come. He’s maybe even authentic to a fault. It’s nice to see a guy like Coach Harbaugh voicing his disgust with the violence across America.

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