Sara Underwood Drops Bikini Photo – Immediately Follows It With Politics

David Hookstead | Contributor

Sara Underwood had a head-scratcher of a Tuesday afternoon on Instagram.

She went about her usual routine of posting a scandalous bikini photo, and it lived up to expectations.

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It’s about as par for the course as you can get when it comes to Underwood. Look, I understand her game, I find it interesting, her fans love it and I can’t really fault her for using this as an avenue to success in America. That’s what capitalism is all about.

However, what she posted next was a little out of her usual sphere of influence. She only six minutes later posted a message about ending privilege, bigotry and our political discourse.

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Underwood is an expert at nearly-naked photos and flaunting her bikini body on a regular basis. I’m not sure how being topless pretty often makes somebody an expert on anything politically related. Again, I’m supportive of hot women’s rights to be topless or in a bikini, but I’m not sure how being a model makes anybody an authority figure on ending bigotry in America.

Maybe these models are just operating on a totally different level than I ever suspected. Maybe they can start a bikini trend to end the war in Syria. It’s worth a shot, right? We’ll never know if it’ll work until they get together and give it a shot.

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