Rob Gronkowski Wants To Change His Jersey Number

Hannah Simmons | Reporter

Rob Gronkowski has decided that he wants to change his jersey number. Gronkowski currently wears the number 87, but wants to wear number 69 for one game.

Gronkowski was on “The Simms and Lefkoe Podcast” when he was asked how much he would pay to make the number change. He answered, “$69,000”, which should not surprise any of his fans. Gronkowski is known to get a kick out of the number. A reporter said the number multiple times a few years ago when speaking to him after a game, and Gronkowski did not hold back his excitement one bit.

A few years later he scored his 69th touchdown of his career and in the video he could not be more thrilled about that number. The number 69 jersey is already taken by Shaq Mason, offensive linemen.

You never know — Mason might take Gronk up on that offer. After all, he said he would only wear it for one game.

Hannah Simmons



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