Glad To See People Agreeing With My Sports Takes

David Hookstead | Contributor

It never gets old hearing people agree with all of my fire hot sports takes.

Who was the most recent person to echo my sentiments? None other than former college football gunslinger and current Fox Sports pundit Joel Klatt.

As many of you know, I’m the predominant authority all things regarding the Wisconsin Badgers. I can run through the football depth chart after a case of beer and not miss a beat. I can break down film of the quarterbacks like an NFL expert. I know their progressions, strengths, weaknesses, and who gives us the best chance to win. Wisconsin football is my Mona Lisa.

I’ve also been saying for the past two years Paul Chryst is one of the most-underrated and under-appreciated coaches in football. He’s compiled an impressive 21-6 record through two seasons, and nobody seems to notice.

Well, looks like my guy Klatt is finally on the same page as myself. Welcome to the team. He pretty much said word-for-word the exact same things as I did about Chryst during a recent rundown of how Wisconsin is a top-10 team in America.

“Paul Chryst doesn’t get enough credit for what he’s done in his first couple of years. He’s 21-6 in his last two years at Wisconsin. That’s outstanding,” Klatt explained to the Fox Sports audience.


Is it tough always being right? It certainly isn’t easy, but we’re all cursed with the burdens we must carry through this life. I will do the best I can to keep speaking the truth, and then wait for everybody else to catch up.

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