Shoutout To Myself For Starting The International Trend Of Defending Elle Johnson

David Hookstead | Reporter

Everybody is very late to the Elle Johnson story, and it’s extremely disappointing.

I have consistently been a fierce defender of the rights of hot women, and I hammered Instagram when they oppressed Johnson’s right to publish her wild photos.

For example, I wrote in January how ridiculous Instagram was behaving for restricting Johnson’s freedom. That was eight months ago. I was pretty much the only person in this fight. I was up against the entire internet, but I didn’t back down. I was the only soldier on the hill of freedom, and I was defending the position the best I could.

Well, now it’s the middle of August and everybody else seems to want to get in on the fight. British tabloid The Sun published the piece, “REST YOUR BREASTS! Model ‘too sexy for Instagram’ is BANNED from the social media site days after RACY boob flash pics.” That’s right, this is now international news. It’s going global.

The piece has since been picked up by Fox News and Playboy.

No offense to those publications, I obviously enjoy having some allies in the fight, but where were these outlets in January? A little late to the party don’t you think? Do they think it’s just okay to jump in once the battle lines have already been established?

This is my show guys, and if you wanna join the fight super late, then so be it. Don’t get it twisted, though, because I was the first one on this hill defending freedom, and I’m not about to get usurped in my role in this generation defining fight.

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