Marshawn Lynch Gives The Media A Taste Of Beast Mode

Jena Greene | Reporter

The media got another recent dose of Marshawn Lynch during a recent press gaggle.

When the Oakland Raiders running back was asked Thursday why he hasn’t been standing for the National Anthem he retorted back that the “elephant in the room” just “mother f***ing left, cousin.”

Marshawn Lynch was asked about sitting during the national anthem in Thursday’s presser.

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Ladies and gents, Marshawn Lynch is back from retirement to toy with the media.

It’s true he’s sat on and off for the Anthem in the past – though his claim that he’s sat for the past 11 years straight isn’t quite true. Lynch was actually retired when sitting for the Anthem swept the nation with controversy.

I’m just going to come out and say it. Does anyone really believe that Marshawn Lynch really grasps the concept of standing – let alone showing respect – for anything but himself? This is the guy that sat through an entire interview answering only with “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.” This is the guy who eats Skittles as preworkout. Are we going to give him so much credit that we think he’s deeply thought through societal problems and racial tensions?

Sure, Lynch may be hopping on the Kaepernick train. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s got the same destination in mind. This is probably another stunt. And for anyone who thinks that players come back from retirement trying to make the NFL a better place, I present to you Jay Cutler:


Jena Greene



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