I Will Never Understand People Who Choose To Be Vegetarians

David Hookstead | Reporter

People who are willing choose to be vegetarians are incredibly confusing to me.

I cooked myself an incredible steak today. Sautéed it with butter, onions, pepper and jalapeños. It was absolutely delicious, but as I cut through my medium-rare steak, I found myself contemplating how there are people living in America who choose to never enjoy the same foods I feast upon.

Now, I want to make a distinction here before all the losers and critics jump on my back. I understand the fact some people have medical issues, and thus, can’t eat red meat. I’m not speaking about those people. I’m speaking about the people who choose to live a life without red meat. These people are not to be trusted. It’s important to make the distinction.

I grew up on red meat, and I’ve eaten nothing but steaks and hamburgers for dinner every single day for the past two months. You can go ahead and re-read that previous sentence. Every single day for the past two months I’ve dived into bloody steaks and cheeseburgers. Some would say that this is not a healthy eating style. To those people, all I have to say is I don’t care. I’d rather die on my feet eating steaks and burgers while drinking cold beers than live on my knees eating whatever tofu garbage some people eat.

Is this a new trend for myself? No it’s not. I grew up eating deer steak, or some other kind of venison, almost everyday of my childhood. I can even remember the first time I shot and killed my own lunch. It’s a life changing experience. It’s also more tasty than anything people can buy in a store.

All of my life experience seriously makes me wonder how people could ever opt for a turkey burger, which I’m still not convinced are a real thing, over a juicy as hell deer steak. These people are rushing out to eat plants and I’m over here crushing a bison burger. Which one of us do you think is loving life more? It’s obviously the one not eating roots and nuts.

Vegetarians are missing a massive joy of life, and then they turn around and pretend they’re superior. Looking at the evidence, who appears more superior: the person who goes to Whole Foods to buy nuts or the person capable of taking out a rabbit at 100 yards with a Ruger 10/22, and cooking themselves dinner?

The answer is the latter. Vegetarians can save their holier-than-though attitudes for somebody without a brain.

Vegetarians can continue to live in their own personal Hell, and I’ll keep crushing steaks and cold Miller Lights because my diet is what America is all about.

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David Hookstead



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