Another Accuser Comes Forward With Harrowing Allegations Against R. Kelly

Ford Springer | Entertainment Reporter

Another woman has come forward with allegations against R. Kelly, accusing the R&B singer of engaging in a sexual relationship with her when she was 16 years old and paying her to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep it quiet.

Jerhonda Pace, who is now 24, attended R. Kelly’s child pornography trial in 2008 as a fan hoping to discover the truth and was quoted defending the singer multiple times in the news, according to Buzzfeed. The following year, when Pace was only 16 years old, R. Kelly began engaging in a sexual relationship with her. Now, in the wake of allegations that the “Ignition” singer has been holding girls in a sex cult, she’s finally come forward with her allegations.

“If I can speak out and I can help them get out of that situation, that’s what I will do,” Pace told Buzzfeed. “I didn’t have anybody to speak up on my behalf when I was going through what I was going through with him. He’s brainwashed them really bad, and it kind of reminds me of Charles Manson.”

“I just really hope I can help these women out,” Pace added. “Kelly needs to be stopped.”

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Pace first met Kelly over the course of his trial, but their relationship didn’t begin until one of his employees reached out to her on Myspace and invited her to a party at his Illinois mansion. After a few visits the singer engaged in a sexual relationship with Pace, believing she was older than she was, but after she informed him of her real age he allegedly continued on with the relationship instructing Pace to lie.

“At the time, I didn’t know what I liked, honestly,” Pace said, detailing all the things Kelly made her do. “I just knew that I liked his music, so I was pretty much accepting of anything that came with him at the time.”

Pace’s relationship with Kelly was often abusive, but she never went to police partly because she signed a non-disclosure agreement and received a settlement from the singer in 2010, according to Buzzfeed. But despite the fact that her coming forward could result in Kelly suing her she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“I know speaking out against Kelly, Kelly could sue me. But I’m really not worried about it anymore,” Pace says. “I feel like this is a healing process for me, because I’ve been holding this in for so many years, and to see that he always gets away with it, it’s just not right. I’m just going forward with my head held high.”

Ford Springer

Entertainment Reporter


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