HBO Having A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Show Sounds Awesome

David Hookstead | Reporter

HBO might be on the verge of having the greatest concept in television history.

The network will have a show where viewers can pick the plot lines, and how events are played out, according to a recent interview with director Steven Soderberg.

The AV Club reports in part:

Soderbergh says Mosaic is a “fixed universe” and the choices you make in the app don’t actually impact what happens in the story. Instead, it sounds like the app will allow viewers to rearrange the story into a different order, or at least view things in any order they choose.

Soderbergh apparently always intended the “choose your own adventure” app version to be the main way to consume the Mosaic, but he offered the “linear episodic version” to HBO after realizing that he had too much content for the app. That means you’ll get a slightly different experience with both.

So it’s not exactly like the old “choose your own adventure,” but it’s the closest we’ll get in the foreseeable future. We shouldn’t be surprised the network behind “Game of Thrones,” “Westworld,” “Silicon Valley,” “Eastbound and Down” and “Entourage” is once again on the edge of changing the entire game up.

I used to read those adventure books for hours as a young kid. When given the choice between trying a hostage rescue or hiding, my character always rushed in to kill some bad guys and save some hostages. That’s why those adventure books usually ended with the death of my character very quickly.

I couldn’t be more on board with this show. I don’t even care what the plot line is about. I’d watch a choose your own adventure setup for a children’s book if it came to it. Imagine if “Westworld” was a choose your own adventure? That would be lit beyond belief.

Well done HBO and Soderbergh, incredibly well done.

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