Sports Illustrated Has Itself A Morning In Spectacular Fashion

David Hookstead | Reporter

Sports Illustrated is quickly flying off the rails, and Tuesday morning was only further proof.

I have no idea who is calling the shots over at Sports Illustrated, but whoever it is has been dropping nonstop bombs when it comes to the 2018 swimsuit edition.

Tuesday morning the man in charge of the SI swimsuit Instagram account hit the fans with two wild videos. I’d recommend making sure you’re not in the close proximity of children or your boss before firing these videos up.


Sports Illustrated has pushed the envelope in the past, but this is starting to get insane. It’s almost like SI’s swimsuit people are just toying with people at this point to see if anybody will say anything or if Instagram will stop the publications wild videos.

Yesterday they posted a video of a model’s chest being oiled up, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Can’t wait to see what social media airstrike is dialed up next from Sports Illustrated.

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