I Hope Taylor Swift Goes Nuclear On Her Enemies With New Album

David Hookstead | Reporter

Ladies and gentlemen, Taylor Swift is finally back.

The country/pop star announced her new album “Reputation,” Tuesday on Twitter, and I couldn’t be more excited for whatever is ahead.

Now, I know what most of you are thinking. How can I, as a red-blooded man who loves football, beer, guns and women in bikinis, also be a huge fan of Taylor Swift? The answer is very simple.

I’ve admired her middle-finger waving attitude, and judging from the title of her new album, she is coming for some scalps.

Swift has made some enemies in the music industry throughout the years. She has publicly feuded with Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. We shouldn’t be surprised these lower-tier celebrities are trying to throw rocks at the most successful person in the neighborhood.

They are desperate for a little bit of the attention and success she’s had. After all, Swift is banking nearly $200 million a year. That’s money her critics couldn’t dream of getting in the same time period.

I hope this album is nothing but diss tracks. I want America’s sweetheart to just remind the world why she is loved, and remind her enemies they will never be as successful as her. We need some more feuds in our music, and hopefully Swift’s album goes nuclear.

Take all the metaphorical scalps, every last one of them.

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David Hookstead



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