PHOTOS: Megan Fox Poses In Her Lingerie And We Aren’t Objecting

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

Megan Fox stripped down and posed in lingerie for her latest photo shoot to promote Frederick’s of Hollywood’s newest collection.

The 31-year-old actress looked incredible in the a shot posted by the company Wednesday on Instagram that showed her sitting in a chair wearing nothing except a black bra with a black fish net body suit and black thigh-high tights.

“Elegance is best worn in lingerie Check out our newest collection featuring Megan Fox,” the caption next to the gorgeous post read. (RELATED: PHOTOS: Megan Fox Poses In Her Underwear For Latest Project)

Reading through the comments left by the company’s followers, they agreed it was perfect.

“Hot and sexy,” one wrote.

Another added, “The queen.”

A post shared by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

A post shared by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

Unfortunately, that was the only picture shared so far from the shoot, but she posed for the high-end lingerie line’s 2017 collection in the spring in little more than a bra and underwear — and we’ve got all the pictures.

A post shared by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

A post shared by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

“My definition of beauty is simplicity, elegance, and sensuality,” Fox explained in an excerpt shared by the company. “I think that when a woman is in harmony with herself and remains true to her values, she will glow naturally.”

Katie Jerkovich

Entertainment Reporter


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