Responses To My Take On Modern Soldiers Fighting The Confederate Army

David Hookstead | Reporter

The responses and theories began pouring in about whether or not 10,000 modern day infantrymen could defeat the entire Confederate army.

Yesterday, I speculated 10,000 modern day troops would route the rebels on the battlefield because of better weapons and technology. There responses were over a wide spectrum. Some thought the number was on point, and some thought it was way too high. Other people were a lot more hesitant to believe 10,000 modern day soldiers could take out the Confederate army.

One person pointed out if the modern day guys had vehicles the fight would be over quickly. They could just make quick strikes, quickly reposition, strike again and repeat. It was also noted, with night vision and vehicles the modern day soldiers could drive in and fight only at night. This could obviously lead to devastation among the Confederate forces.

Another person told me the war could be won with just a few dozen modern day soldiers. I find that extremely difficult to believe. It doesn’t take much luck on the part of the Confederates to kill a few people, and fighting with a few dozen people seems incredibly risky.

One man commented on the article, “In the opening battles, the modern soldiers would walk all over the Confederates but as the war progressed, the Confederates would draw the opposing armies in and further south where they would switch to guerrilla warfare. They would enjoy the support of the people and with modern day armies supply lines extended so far they would have their hands full.”

I’m not an expert, but he does seem to have a very fair point. The longer the war gets dragged out the worse it becomes for the smaller force.

Thanks to everybody who chimed in, and keep the debate going on Twitter, Facebook and in the comments.

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