Robert Kennedy’s Granddaughter Sounds Like An Awful Person

David Hookstead | Reporter

Robert Kennedy’s granddaughter Caroline recently found herself under arrest, and it doesn’t sound like she handled it very well.

Caroline and her father Matthew were taken into custody by Cape Cod police after a freak out during a police stop for a noise complaint.

From the Washington Examiner:

As officers entered the residence Kennedy reacted by “screaming incoherently and throwing himself at a wall” as well as smashing a wall cabinet full of glass items, the police report said. He continued to resist arrest as party-goers yelled at law enforcement, “you don’t know who you’re messing with,” and, “He was a district attorney.”

Outside the home, Caroline Kennedy, 22, Matthew’s daughter attempted to open the door of a police cruiser as party-goers began encircling the officers on scene.

While in custody she refused to give police identifying information and told them “I went to Brown and I’m a teacher, sweetheart!”

I’ve been walked through many times on how I should ever handle a situation that involves me getting placed into handcuffs. I’ve never been arrested or indicted for anything, but the advice goes something along the lines of “shut up, don’t resist at all, don’t say anything to anybody, don’t panic and we’ll get you out.”

It’s pretty rock solid advice.

You know what advice I was never given? Say stupid things about your profession, where you went to school and get out of control. If they had been polite to the police it’s probably wouldn’t even have been arrested. Instead they found themselves arrested, and in the headlines for saying dumb things.

Maybe it’s high time we find a farm somewhere for Caroline to learn the value of hard work and respect. We’ll see if she’s so quick to spout of nonsense after working 16 hour days in the fields.

Secondly, I pray there is video of this arrest. I find nothing more entertaining than the videos of people freaking out, thinking they’re in the right and then get brought down to reality by the whole world. Also, is this the first time anybody has ever bragged about being a teacher during an arrest?

There’s nothing wrong with being a teacher, but usually this type of comment is saved for politicians and famous athletes. Caroline is obviously neither.

I wouldn’t even sentence her to jail time if I was the judge. I’d force her to physically demanding job, and work at least 40 hours a week for two months. That’ll be much better for Caroline than sitting in a jail. Hopefully a little hard work will at least knock that attitude out of her.

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