The Powerball Is Unfair And Offensive

Jena Greene | Reporter

The Powerball lottery is an offensive institution and game.

Massachusetts resident Mavis Wanczyk has been declared the winner of the second biggest Powerball ever played. Since she’s the sole winner of this haul, she’s about to receive the biggest payout in lottery history: $758.7 million.

She can celebrate all she wants but honestly, I’m offended.

How did we let this happen? Wanczyk is a white citizen of the United States. She doesn’t represent a minority. This is bad publicity for the Powerball and really poor taste.

America is a cradle for racial tension right now. Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t been signed by an NFL team. Race relations are spiraling downward, and according to a recent ABC poll, 22 million Americans are either Nazis or support Nazi ideals.

The Powerball couldn’t have had worse timing. It’s really aggravating to watch an average hard working person who’s held down the same job at the same hospital for 32 years win.

Why couldn’t a few Antifa rioters have won? Why couldn’t a protestor from yesterday’s march on the NFL headquarters have won? At least Mavis Wanczyk had a job. Most of these poor protestors who bravely stand in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and hold demonstrations during the week probably don’t have jobs. Aren’t they more deserving of these winnings?

I also find it pretty infuriating that the winnings went to one person only.

In Massachusetts.

Isn’t this a state that’s gravely concerned with its growing inequality gap? They provide insurance for virtually all of their citizens. They routinely push for paid leave and a $15 minimum wage to curtail their issue of poverty. Their very own Senator Elizabeth Warren heads up the crusade to hike minimum wage and revive unions in order to establish a fairer, more egalitarian state.

So why is Massachusetts letting Powerball winners get off easy? Sure, the winnings will probably be taxed around 40 percent, but this still doesn’t sound like enough to me.

Why not take 90 percent of it and redistribute it to those who are truly in need. Violent protesters, like the ones we’ve seen recently, are really in need right now. Many don’t have jobs or a proper education. They could really benefit from a few million dollars instead of Mavis Wanczyk.

Jena Greene



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