Turns Out Mallory Edens Is Becoming A Legit Model

David Hookstead | Reporter

Mallory Edens’ modeling career looks like it might actually becoming a real thing.

Most people who follow the sports world closely know that Mallory is the daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens. She’s been a rising star on social media, especially among younger fans, but nobody really thought it was anything more than the occasional swimsuit photo.

Turns out, she’s actually becoming a legit model, and recently did a swimsuit photoshoot for 138 Water.

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My little face is on a not so little billboard so cool, and so fun to get to work doing something new and different — many thank yous to the whole 138 Water team! Had the best time shooting this in the middle of nowhere desert with you guys (even when it started sand-storming haha).

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I’ve never been a fan of the Bucks, but it’s hard to argue against the winning attitude sweeping across the organization lately. The team is developing plenty of young talent, and the owner’s daughter is becoming a model. It’s almost too much winning to handle.

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